MaMa’s Library, discount also called media.archive, is a small-scale public library with specialised collections that fit into Multimedia Institute’s main domains of interest. Most of those titles are otherwise unavailable in Croatian public libraries so initially we have set out the goal for our media.archive to support locally both academic and non-academic research work, but also artistic and activistic practices.

The core of media.archive represent those titles dealing with the critical reflection on globalisation and the future of the public domain. Since Multimedia Institute is strongly inspired by the Free Software movement and its various off-shots (like the Creative Commons initiative, where mi2 is one the internatiollay most recognized actors) we want the media.archive to be more more than just a small and specialised library – in short, through its existence we strive to incubate a critical mass of alternative knowledge and innovative practices that question the dominant models of knowledge-production.

Media.archive consists of 1500+ volumes (books, journals, electronic media). Dominant topics covered are:

-  new media art & theory

-  social theory and philosophy

- activism

- gender & queer studies

-  new technologies

-  NGOs

-  digital political economy and intellectual property rights issues

-  cultural policy

-  urbanism


TERMS OF USE: to get more information or to lend books you can contact MaMa’s librarians Tom (to-me [at] or Petar (zoe [at] or come everyday to MaMa from 13:00 to 21:00. If lending books out of MaMa first-time users have to deposit some personal ID. No inscription, no charges.


In the catalog on those pages you’ll find media.archive sorted alphabetically. For a quick-search you can also use the LibraryThing-form in the sidebar which will give you instant search-results [this data is still being corrected!]. Otherwise you can use the Search-form on this page [in the upper right corner on this page] which will direct you to results which are more in-depth, especially for the non-English volumes.

On this page you can also download Excel-table with most bibliographic-details [last update: August 2008].


IMPORTANT NOTE: this catalog does not show some journals & magazine we’re subscribed to [like Artforum, Wire, Linux-Journal, New Left Review, New Scientist etc.] or our rich collection of local and post-Yugoslav journals in theory, arts and culture.