Since 2000 we promote electronic music in Zagreb, side effects foremost its more experimental blends. In collaboration with several local partners from Zagreb and regional ones from Ljubljana and Belgrade – we organized more than 60 concerts, workshops and lectures from the domain of contemporary digital music and sound-art.

There are two principal ongoing concert-series we have set up: Explicit Music – a series of experimental electronica, while Mamatronik has been promoting the more popular brands within the electronic music genre.

The apex of our activities so far was the collaboration with Music Biennale Zagreb, one of the most respected New Music festivals in Eastern Europe. Within the Biennale our aim was to promote and to question the new global auditive culture – taken in its expanded socio-political meaning.

In 2003 within the Music Biennale we organised Musical Constellations in the Digital Age, a 3 day-symposium accompanied by a series of performances of some of the most renowned artists in the field, and a MAX/msp workshop by Kim Cascone.

In 2005 thus we have published Archipelagos of Sound - a volume on music within the new imperial order, with texts by DJ Spooky, Peter Szendy and Ksenija Stevanović & Dalibor Davidović. That year in Zagreb performed Zeitkratzer Ensemble, Franz Hautzinger’s Regenorchester and Maja Ratkje.

In 2007 we organized a week long Midnight Electronic Music series. Invited artists were Ikue Mori, AGF, Lasse Marhaug, CM von Hausswolff, PanSonic, Bakin Zub Ensemble and Christian Fennesz.

Within the 25th Zagreb Music Biennale in April 2009 we are preparing Process/Music - a 3-day event departing from Orson Welles shooting of “The Trial”, based on Kafka’s famous novel [in German "Der Prozess], in Zagreb in 1962 where our aim is to explore the auditive legacy of a particular, and nevertheless, paradigmatic historical constellation.

Last but not least – since 2003 together with from Belgrade we’re running – an online journal for music and musical theory.

MaMa’s musical programs are coordinated by Mario Kolonić Pytzek, Bojan Mandić and Petar Milat.



Our venue in Zagreb, ie. cultural centre MaMa, is available for concerts and performances only for rather low-key events, like electroacustic performances or solo-laptop concerts due to a noise-regulation. MaMa’s lecture and performance room [approx. size: 10m x 6m] offers 45 seats, in-house 5.1 stereo, additional small PA, 2 Technics-turntables, 2 Vestax DJ CD-players, 2 Behringer-mixers [4 and 8 channels], 1 Yamaha digital-mixer [16 channel], 1 Vestax DJ-mixer, 2 video-beams, 1 video-mixer and 4m x 3m projection-screen.

Though it is rather unsuitable for concerts MaMa is ideal for organising workshops around digital arts with its multimedia-equipment.

IMPORTANT: usually we organise concerts in the Zagreb Students Centre venue, together with Mate Škugor who is by far the most important promoter for cutting-edge music in the region. Students Centre offers a variety of spaces, ranging from a very intimate 100-seats venue [the Semiround Hall], over a Theater &TD Hall [200 seats] to a Gallery SC space [for more than 300 people].

A nowdays somehow devastated, but still non-gentrified, charming and alternative space in Zagreb for music and other arts Students Centre had been the the most important avantgarde space in Croatia from the socialist times on, back in the 1960ies.

REF. EX-YUGOSLAVIA TOURS [Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia]: We also can and usually prefer to organise small 2-4 days Ex-Yu tours with the musicians invited. Together with our principal partners from Ljubljana [] and Belgrade [ and belgradeyard soundsystem] we can easily set-up a reasonable schedule for your tour.



Scanner, Noriko Tujiko, Peter Rehberg, Ramon Bauer, Tarwater, Laub, DAT Politics, Farmers Manual, Luomo, The Bug, Mikael Stavostrand, Kim Cascone, Rechenzentrum, Alorenz, Solu & Mortensen, Sonig Label showcase, Mouse On Mars, Dj Spooky, Zbigniew Karkowski & Helmut Schäfer, Felix Kubin, Laurent Pernice & Jacques Barberi, Zeitkratzer, Maja Ratkje, Regenorchester, Minit, Thomas Köner, Andreas Tilliander, Ekkehard Ehlers, Stephan Mathieu, ZOSB [Hautzinger & Hinteregger], Jacob Kirkegaard, John Grzinich, Jamie Lidell, Trapist, Jan Jelinek feat. Kosmischer Pitch, Ikue Mori, AGF, Lasse Marhaug, CM von Hausswolff, PanSonic, Bakin Zub Ensemble, Christian Fennesz, Schnee [Kurzmann & Stangl], Tetsuo Furudate & Lillevän, Azot, William Basinski, Dave Miller, Triosk, Pole, Bernhard Fleischmann, Kontakt der Jünglinge [Tietchens & Köner], Oval, Marko Ciciliani, Pajo & Labosh, Goran Nikolić Orge, Diane Labrosse, Werner Jauk, Luka Baumann, Jeanne Fremaux, Luka Majić, Pytzek, Belgradeyard Soundsystem, Pablo Fiasco, Nicola Sani