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_Hans Ibelings____Supermodernism: Architecture in the Age of Globalization

[NAi Publishers_1998]


_Aleksandar Battista Ilić/Diana Nenadić____Tomislav Gotovac

[Hrvatski filmski savez / Muzej suvremene umjetnosti_2003]


_Jeffrey Inaba/Rem Koolhaas/Sze Tsung Leong____The Harvard Design School Guide to Shopping / Harvard Design School Project on the City 2


Like a favorite shopping emporium, side effects The Harvard Design School Guide to Shopping is a browser’s paradise. This second installment of the Project on the City aims to investigate “a general urban condition undergoing virulent change.” A big brick of a book with hundreds of photos and a bundle of essays by prominent designers, architects, and urban scholars, it traces the evolution of the marketplace and the environments we create for the purpose of getting and spending. From the great covered arcades of the 19th century to the museum displays of grand department stores to air-conditioned suburban malls, the book examines the ecology and life cycles of retail space the world over. Dip into the book anywhere for insights into acquisitive behavior. Newspaper clippings cite retail trends; a bar chart compares retail square footage by country (the U.S. tops them all). Some of the essays are already marked in yellow highlighter so you can scan for the main points. A 2,000-year timeline tracks major developments with theme concepts: Disney Space, Three-Ring Circus, Brand Zones, Shopping Landscapes. The book makes a wonderful reference for urban planners, but it’s equally accessible to those who just want to shop ’til they drop.

_Jonathan Xavier Inda/Renato Rosaldo____The Anthropology of Globalization: A Reader


Updated with a fresh introduction and brand new selections, the second edition of The Anthropology of Globalization collects some of the decade’s finest work on globalization, focusing on the increasing interconnectedness of people around the world, and the culturally specific ways in which these connections are mediated.

• Provides a rich introduction to the subject
• Grounds the study of globalization ethnographically by locating global processes in everyday practice
• Addresses the global flow of capital, people, commodities, media, and ideologies
• Offers extensive geographic coverage: from Africa and Asia to the Caribbean, Europe, and North America
• Updated edition includes new selections, section introductions, and recommendations for further reading


_Luce Irigaray____Ja, ti, mi

[Ženska infoteka_1999]

Iz predgovora:
Posebnost pozicije Luce Irigaray jest u tomu što ona smatra da žene ne bi smjele prihvatiti demontiranje muško/ženske opozicije dok ženska strana ne ojača, ne postigne identitet i subjektnost, dok ne postane ženska u pravom smislu, a ne samo dodatak ili druga strana. Ženska sudbina tako nije nešto što je oduvijek određeno ženskom posebnošću, dapače, ona je nametnuta, patrijarhalna. Kulturu razlike žene moraju stvoriti. Moraju svladati nedostatak, moraju ući u simbolički poredak u svoje ime.
Nadežda Čačinović