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Neoliberalism as a new kind of politics. Lesson from the East

… A STEP ASIDE How to translate one’s own activist-intellectual experience into a global imaginery of political action and resistance? How to desist from the populist temptation in fighting neoliberalism? At first glance the choice of these two questions and tasks  appears arbitrary, but what follows will be a brief historico-political explanation why I  think [...]

Albahari 0.1 [Ludvig, Brat]

Ima knjiga koje vas tjeraju da obznanite vlastitu poetiku, advice i to ne onu spisateljsku već čitateljsku. Tako u ovom slučaju započinjem sa dva aksioma. 1. Kod značajnih, buy cialis velikih autora njihove vam najbolje knjige mijenjaju život dok vas njihove samo dobre ostavljaju hladnima. 2. Za razliku od osrednjih pa čak i dobrih knjiga [...]

1968 – Biopolitical Philosophy and its Historical Fundamentum. Take one

One of the peculiar features of the (recent) biopolitical philosophy has been its constant urge to periodize. For sure, this urge to historicize (itself) is nothing exclusive to biopolitical theory: the same could amount to pretty much every intellectual activity in modern times. But, nevertheless, I will claim that this recent obsession in periodizing is [...]