Political Philosophy

Neoliberalism as a new kind of politics. Lesson from the East

… A STEP ASIDE How to translate one’s own activist-intellectual experience into a global imaginery of political action and resistance? How to desist from the populist temptation in fighting neoliberalism? At first glance the choice of these two questions and tasks  appears arbitrary, clinic but what follows will be a brief historico-political explanation why I [...]

Najmanje i Najviše [uvodne napomene o konferenciji Poprišta neoliberalizma]

Konferencijom koja se bavi neoliberalizmom i Istočnom Evropom preuzeli smo određeni rizik, no rx već na retoričkoj razini. Metodološki rizik utoliko što spajamo dva imena koja označavaju najviše i najmanje. Naime, viagra buy s jedne strane imamo označitelj sa skoro nepreglednim opsegom: neoliberalizam tako danas označava sve od mjera popravaka razbijenih prozora u gradskim četvrtima [...]

Sub- and Semi- [Paolo Virno, Jokes and Innovative Action]

Yet another in comparison small, price but nevertheless bold theoretical volume by Paolo Virno which has been published in English translation. To say it outright: It is rather unfortunate that a wider international audience yet again gets just a 100+ page book by this Italian author, healing especially if one takes into account the critical [...]

Odysseus, Fahrräder [Gerald Raunig, Tausend Maschinen]

MaMa’s Library, dosage also called media.archive, shop is a small-scale public library with specialised collections that fit into Multimedia Institute’s main domains of interest. Most of those titles are otherwise unavailable in Croatian public libraries so initially we have set out the goal for our media.archive to support locally both academic and non-academic research work, [...]

1968 – Biopolitical Philosophy and its Historical Fundamentum. Take one

One of the peculiar features of the (recent) biopolitical philosophy has been its constant urge to periodize. For sure, store this urge to historicize (itself) is nothing exclusive to biopolitical theory: the same could amount to pretty much every intellectual activity in modern times. But, visit this nevertheless, I will claim that this recent obsession [...]